Basic Treatment

People new to Kambo will receive a basic  treatment consisting of 3-9 points. It is traditional for men to receive them on the upper left arm and women to receive them on their lower right ankle.  All first time users will be given a test point to test for sensitivity before treatment.

Intensive Treatment

For treating chronic/acute physical and emotional conditions and also for those wanting to go deeper with their healing.  This requires multiple tailored treatments in a short period of time.

Moon Cycle Treatment

Traditional Caboclo recommendation is to receive 3 treatments in a moon cycle ( 1 month). Great immune system booster and inoculation!

Layered Treatment

People new to Kambo or desiring or needing a gentler treatment.  Points are administered one at a time, slowly working up to the desired application.

Targeted Treatment

After receiving a basic treatment clients can receive an in depth consultation and have their points administered on Chakras, Meridians, and Auricular (ear) Points, for targeting areas to strengthen and clear.

2×2 or 3×3 Warrior Initiation

2 treatments done within 2 hours or 3 treatments within 3 hours.  Beneficial when one is needing to make a huge decision or desiring to push through a big emotional or physical block.