Basic Treatment

People new to Kambo will receive a basic  treatment consisting of 3-9 points. It is traditional for men to receive them on the upper left arm and women to receive them on their lower right ankle.  All first time users will be given a test point to test for sensitivity before treatment.

Intensive Treatment

For treating chronic/acute physical and emotional conditions and also for those wanting to go deeper with their healing.  This requires multiple tailored treatments in a short period of time.

Moon Cycle Treatment

Traditional Caboclo recommendation is to receive 3 treatments in a moon cycle ( 1 month). Great immune system booster and inoculation!

Layered Treatment

People new to Kambo or desiring or needing a gentler treatment.  Points are administered one at a time, slowly working up to the desired application.

Targeted Treatment

After receiving a basic treatment clients can receive an in depth consultation and have their points administered on Chakras, Meridians, and Auricular (ear) Points, for targeting areas to strengthen and clear.

Private Consults and Pastoral Mentoring

To support Members ongoing journey to increase personal awareness and assist in preserving Amazonian Indigenous Medicines, Wisdom and Ancient Practices.