The Spirit of Kambo

Kambo works on a spiritual level as well as a physical one. It initiates a deeper understanding of our feelings; by bringing up that which has been suppressed and long forgotten.

Kambo cleanses and clears the path ahead, promoting a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Frog teaches us to keep jumping ahead and to move forward on our paths and reminds us to cleanse, renew, nurture and fill ourselves up. It is also the universal symbol of the embracing of personal power.

Kambo brings everything up to the surface to be seen, so that we may acknowledge, release, and heal them. When we begin to remove the layers we can then come back into balance and once again align with our true nature.

The innate spirit within Kambo is very intelligent , it knows where there is work to be done and on what levels.  It has its own unique way of breaking through blockages and dis-ease in the body, mind, and spirit.  Asking only for us to trust and to surrender as it works in and through us. Each and every experience with Kambo will be different, and each time it will reveal new perspectives, insights and healing!



“Kambo circulates in the heart. when we take Kambo it makes the heart move accurately so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. Its as if there were a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come; Then, when they take Kambo, it becomes a green light which opens the way, making things easier.”
–Kaxinawa Tribal Shaman