Sananga and Rapé


Rape’ pronounced “hapeh”, is an ancient traditional amazonian medicine. Rape’ is made from leaves, seeds, spices, bark, oils, herbs and flowers from medicinal plants, roots and trees.  It usually includes Mapacho, also known as jungle tobacco, that is ground and roasted then mixed with ash from sacred wood.

Frequent additions added to make a blend may include Cocoa, Tonka  bean, Kava kava, Cinnamon, and Eucalyptus leaves.  The combinations vary enormously from tribe to tribe and also determine it’s strength and power.  The making of Rape’ is a very sacred and labor intensive process.

The use of Rape’ is considered to be therapeutic on many levels. On the mental level, it is known for cleansing the mind, as well as helping one to focus, ground and center. On the physical level, Rape’ is known in helping to clear and strengthen the sinuses, relieve a headache, and to aid in the decalcification of the pineal gland.  Tribes also use it to connect more deeply with nature’s rhythms, to relax and acquire insights and visions for hunting.

During a Kambo session, Rape’ may be used to cleanse and release energetic blockages, to trigger or deepen a purge, and also to assist with grounding and centering. Rape’ is taken via the nose.  Breathing is momentarily suspended while it is blown into both nostrils, one at a time.  There is usually a stinging and burning sensation that lasts a few minutes, which is followed by a deepening awareness and clarity.

The medicine I use comes from the Matses and Kaxinawa tribes of Peru and Brazil. Rape’ is a very rare, sacred, and profoundly powerful healing and cleansing medicine.



Sananga is a traditional Amazonian eye medicine made from fermented shredded root of a shrub called, Tabernaemontana  Undulata, from the rain forest.  The active ingredient is Ibogaine.  Sananga has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil. These powerful eye drops operate on many levels of healing physical, spiritual, an energetic. The active ingredient acts directly on the root causes of disease, diluting the forces that create Panema (negative energy), depression, and psychosomatic conditions.

On a physical level, it clears and refreshes the eyes, and has been indicated in the treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, astigmatism, conjunctivitis, dry and red eyes, sinusitis, and chronic headaches. Sananga is also being used as an ally in the treatment of chronic pain. In the Amazon, tribes use the drops before hunting to sharpen their vision and enhance their perception to make it easier to spot animals in the dense, dark forest.  Sananga brings immediate visual awareness, it gives the environment greater texture and depth, including color perception and image definition.

On a energetic level it opens and clears the third eye, expands the aura and balances the chakras. Sananga is a pale green/ brown color and has a slight fermented burnt smell.  When applied to the eyes it stings for several minutes depending on the strength.  A very strong, fresh batch may be quite painful and may cause redness and tearing of the eyes for 15-30 minutes.  Local tribes refer to Sananga as “Lighting in the eyes”.

Sananga is a potent medicine that clears the mind and body of distractive energies which allows for new ways of perceiving, seeing and focusing on life.

The Sananga I use comes directly from the Yawanawa tribe infused with deeply sacred intentions and prayers.