Kambo Frog

The Scientific name of this frog is the Phyllomedusa Bicolor, meaning two-colored leaf guardian.  The frog  is also known as the “Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog” and it is found abundantly throughout the Amazon Rainforest in areas of Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela,  and Guinas.

The Phyllomedusa Bicolor is a nocturnal, arboreal frog with no natural predators.   They are large frogs, the males are around 10 cm and females 12 cm in length.  Their bodies are a bright glowing green, body is creamy white, with dark spots on the chest and legs.

Reproduction occurs all throughout the year.  Working together the male and female construct a beautiful hanging tree nest above the forest pools.  A  single frog spawn contains on average 1,000 eggs, from which tiny tadpoles emerge within 11-14 days.

The IUCN Endangered Species Database, lists them in the category of “least concern”.  The only threat to this species of frog is the potential destruction of their habitat, the Amazonian Rainforest.