Kambo Calling

Kambo Calling

You know the saying…”one door must close for another door to open” that truly was the case for me the summer of 2013. Yes, I had a beautiful life at the time, I owned five forested acres, lived in a yurt with my two children nestled between a grove of cedar trees and a bed of ferns..Overall, life was good..but something..SOMETHING Soulfully Purposeful seemed to be missing.

A couple years before this, I had ventured to Peru for a two week women’s retreat, it was my first visit. I absolutely loved Peru! The people, the land, the culture..it all felt like home to me. I yearned to take my children back someday for a total life-outside-the-US- immersion.

Back in 2005, when I had purchased my property, I could easily see all of its potential and held so many visions for the future. Now after almost 7 yrs, a stagnant standstill arose and my dreams began to stall. The more I
tuned into this, the more I understood that something BIG needed to happen.

Then one day, my answer came, like the gentle whispering wind through the forest, I knew what I had to do! I would sell my property, put everything I owned into storage, pack up the children, our small dog, and journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru. After I made my decision, everything quickly aligned, my property sold instantly to a holistic tree-loving family, and with three one-way tickets and a six month visa, we set off.

Peru was finally calling me back…and I could deeply feel that something very important was awaiting my arrival.
Was it a new relationship? A whole new beginning outside the US? Everything went smoothly upon our arrival, we rented a beautiful new home in Pisac, surrounded by the majestic Andean mountains, in our back yard stood golden fields of Peruvian corn.

A few weeks after we arrived a women living next door told us about a small local farmers market that was opening the next day just down the road. As we arrived she greeted us and then quickly introduced me to a friend of hers, calling him the “Master Frog Man”. Until that moment I had never heard of Kambo, I eagerly began asking him questions about it.

He shared with me how the frog usually appears symbolically to people that are about to work with the medicine. Then I recalled that ever since I arrived in Peru, I had been hearing frogs and seeing them frequently ..in
that moment I knew I was meant to try the frog secretion. Needless to say my first treatment and several more after were quite profound. I instantly felt a strong connection to working with the medicine and deep within I realized that serving and helping others to heal with Kambo would be my calling…