Kambo Treatment: Fire and Water

Kambo Treatment: Fire and Water

When we take Kambo we are working with the synergistic alchemy of the elements, Fire and Water.

The secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog is the Fire element.

Instantly after the medicine is applied, you will begin to feel quite hot and experience a strong sense of heat from within. You begin to flush and sweat, and may have burning sensations as the medicine settles into different areas of the body to help heal them. Kambo helps us to “burn away” that which no longer serves us.

Our bodies hold the Water element. Since our vehicles/bodies are comprised of half water, and right before taking Kambo we consume 2 Liters. Drinking this amount of water is so very important to the synergistic/alchemical process of Kambo. As the fire meets the water, like steam rising or water boiling and bubbling up, so does any old baggage in the form of toxins, dis-ease, emotions, memories and trauma. The fast movement of the medicine surging through our bodies in this way allows for things to surface within us and to be able to be seen and released quickly and safely.

Without the element of water the process and experience is very different and quite arduous. There are Amazonian tribes that do not ingest water before taking the secretion, and this method is known as Sapo. I have heard stories of this treatment being very painful, long and tiring. Since the body does not have the water inside the stomach that acts as a depository and vehicle for the toxins, it makes it challenging to quickly and easily release them.

Even though taking 2 L of water on an empty stomach, in itself, can be super challenging when embarking on a Kambo cleanse, I am always reminded during and afterwards, that without the element of water, the quick flowing 20 minute courageous journey of Kambo, would feel more like a 60 minute slow dry walk in the desert…..