Who Shouldn’t Take Kambo


Kambo is 100% safe when given by a properly trained Practitioner. 

However, certain health conditions prevent some people from taking it. The following list is not an exhaustive list,  please disclose your whole health history with your practitioner.

  • Serious Heart Conditions (Bypass, Enlarged Heart, Heart Valve Replacement)
  • Stroke
  • On medication for Low Blood Pressure
  • Current and severe Epilepsy
  • Addisons
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Aneurysms
  • Active blood clots
  • Pregnant
  • Serious mental health problems excluding Depression, Anxiety and PTSD
  • Lack the mental capacity to decide to take Kambo
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy and for 4 weeks afterwards
  • Taking Immune Suppressants for organ transplant
  • Breastfeeding a child under 6 months old
  • Major surgery within the last 8 weeks
  • Under 18 yrs of age


Please contact me to discuss suitability for the following reasons:

  • Taking immune suppressants for Auto-Immune disorders
  • Taking slimming or sleeping suppressants
  • Active drug or alcohol addictions
  • Please do not fast 7 days before or after Kambo
  • Avoid colonics, enemas, liver flushes, or any water/juice based detox within 3 days of taking Kambo.

If you are taking prescription drugs, most are ok. Check with me if you have a question on any particular medication.