Kambo: The Gift of Discomfort

            Pain and discomfort provide some of our greatest lessons as we journey through life.  People often ask me why anyone would want to burn themselves intentionally and apply a frog venom to their skin, being fully aware that for the next half hour they will be experiencing extreme, delirious, uncontrollable discomfort…
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Kambo Calling

You know the saying…”one door must close for another door to open” that truly was the case for me the summer of 2013. Yes, I had a beautiful life at the time, I owned five forested acres, lived in a yurt with my two children nestled between a grove of cedar trees and a bed…
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Kambo Treatment: Fire and Water

When we take Kambo we are working with the synergistic alchemy of the elements, Fire and Water. The secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog is the Fire element. Instantly after the medicine is applied, you will begin to feel quite hot and experience a strong sense of heat from within. You begin to flush and sweat, and may…
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