What is Kambo?

Kambo is a extraordinary secretion used by the Amazonian tribes for thousands of years. The scientific name of the frog is Phyllomedusa Bicolor, meaning two-colored leaf gaurdian, also known as the giant monkey tree frog. It is legal in the US and all other countries. It is a deep cleansing therapy that works on all levels – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Kambo is considered the Vaccine of the Forest for its ability to strengthen and revitalize our whole being. Kambo catalyzes deep healing and understanding by bringing issues to the surface to be released.

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Kambo Science

Kambo contains a unique and complex blend of bioactive peptides that trigger positive chemical reactions within the body that are crucial to the health, growth and repair of our systems.   It cleanses and detoxifies the liver, intestines and skin and has potent anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. Kambo is one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and offers an alternative approach to empower the immune system. The peptides in Kambo are potent blood vessel dilators, which allows it to cross the blood brain barrier enabling it to reach deep into the body and bring lasting support.


Kambo Frog Spirit

“Kambo circulates in the heart. When we take Kambo it makes the heart move accurately so things may flow more naturally .” ( Kaxinawa elder) The spirit of the frog reminds us to keep jumping forward on our paths, helping us to cleanse, renew and nurture ourselves. The universal symbol of embracing personal power, Frog asks us to trust, allow and surrender.  Kambo aids in removing what does not serve you.  It helps bring you back to your natural state of harmony and balance.


Kambo Treatment

Kambo is known as an “ordeal” medicine. It is intense but fast, the unpleasant effects are strong and immediate, lasting only 20-30 min. Points are placed onto the surface of the skin with a small stick that is heated — the top layer of skin is blistered and Kambo is applied. The medicine instantly enters the Lymphatic system. Kambo initiates the release of built-up toxins from the vital organs. The innate spirit of Kambo is very intelligent;  it has its own unique way of breaking through blockages and dis-ease. Each and every treatment with Kambo will be different, and each time will reveal new perceptions, insights and deeper healing. According to the Indigenous Tribes:  When things are not going right in your life, it is the right time to take Kambo.


About Keidren

Early in my life, I realized holding space for others’ healing came naturally to me, and was a gift I needed to share and offer to others…
In 2013, I ventured to the Sacred Valley of Peru, where I worked with Kambo for the first time. My initial experience was profound and inspired me to continue working with it over the following months.   I felt a deep resonance with the spirit of the frog.  I intuitively knew that the sacred medicine of Kambo would both support my personal journey and be an important part of my life calling…
I am a trained and certified practitioner of the International Association Of Kambo Practioners (IAKP), a Health and Lifestyle Intuitive Coach, and a Professional Artist of 15 yrs. Read More  


Jose, 45, CA

Keidren helped me through my first 3×3 Warrior Initiation with Kambo. At all times she was fully present, holding space, and guiding me along through my process. She has a strong yet caring energy which made me feel safe at all times. I’m honored to have recieved Kambo from Keidren, I would highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Michelle, 32, FL

Keidren is a gifted healer. I felt so safe & comfortable with her as my Practitioner. I was quite nervous to do a Kambo ear treatment but Keidren far exceeded my expectations and put my nerves at ease.  She thoroughly explained what to expect before sitting with the medicine and was very loving with the aftercare and follow up…Thank you for taking me through my process, for gently guiding me with your intuition during my experience and helping me find my own strength that was waiting to be discovered. Thank you Keidren, for being such a huge part of an experience that has changed my life forever.

Harry, 70, WA

I highly recommend Keidren Devas as a facilitator of the Kambo journey.  I had a great experience and found her to be highly knowledgeable, fully present and extremely helpful.  It feels right to do this journey with someone who has really done her own personal exploration, and is so open and clear.

Ashley, 32, WA

“I cannot thank Keidren enough for the guidance and support she gave me throughout the 3 day series of kambo treatments. I cannot imagine a better practitioner to dive into this medicine with as she embodies the perfect balance of both strength and nurturing. Keidren is the “real deal” and a very gifted healer who has walked the path and done the deep inner work. I knew the moment we met eyes that I had come to the perfect place. There was total clarity in both her words and actions, and I felt completely safe and supported in her presence at all times. I feel immense gratitude for the profound shift that has occurred in me, and I feel incredibly strong and at peace in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Keidren for doing this amazing work, the world needs this medicine of the heart!”

Josh, 39, WA

I have been working with Keidren and the medicine kambo for a couple months now. I had 6 ruptured discs and half my back in atrophy. After 5 ceremonies, the pain in back is gone and I feel like I’m 18 again. My body feels lighter and works with much more efficient after each ceremony. The closest I can come to describing working with Keidren and this medicine is on the verge of magical. I feel that Keidren is very highly in touch with the medicine and knows exactly how much to use to push me exactly where I need to go. Her presence in the ceremonies made even a hardened client like me willing to surrender to the medicine for deep detox and healing. I truly recommend to everyone to work with the amazing medicine kambo and the gifted Keidren to help heal yourself!

Carl, 35, WA

Kambo has helped me greatly with its anti inflammatory properties and many other things, some of which I can’t fully explain yet. I tried not doing Kambo for a couple months and thats partly when I realized how much kambo helps me. I’m like a completely different person when I do it. Now I can’t imagine not doing kambo every month. Its helped me a lot to heal from a protozoa infection, both in treating the protozoa and helping with the symptoms of it. Plus Keidren is awesome! She’s very professional and makes the sometimes unpleasantness of doing kambo much easier. Keidren is very knowledgeable about Kambo and many other healing plants and treatments. She’s always fast to respond to emails and I trust her recommendations. She’s been an amazing resource for me and I highly recommend you see her!

Liz, 65, WA

As a Shamanic Practitioner myself, I was happy to discover this modality.  My experience with Keidren and the Kambo was a physically challenging treatment for me, but since then I have experienced a wonderful shift..the shift I was looking for in terms of how I relate to my physical self, the level of conscious awareness, as well as letting go of some blocks held in my mental and emotional body.  I am very grateful for Keidren and for Kambo! I have recommended this treatment to many of my clients, and I look forward to doing it again myself!    

Gui, 68, WA

I felt called to Kambo for healing, and I decided to try it.   I was a little anxious, but Keidren put me at ease immediately with her confident and caring ways.  From the time you walk through the door you will know you are at the right place with the right person.   She is with you completely through the process.  I felt I was OK, no matter how hard it got because Keidren says the right thing at the right time and is completely clear about everything that will happen.  My points were perfectly placed, with care and consideration.  Keidren is an angel, healer, artist and a totally beautiful person, inside and out.  This experience was way beyond what I thought it would be.  This is unquestionably where you want to go and whom you want to be with, when you take Kambo!

Sean, 43, WA

I was lucky to work with Kambo for the first time under the steady and compassionate guidance of Keidren.  I was at a point in my life where there was a general state of static upheaval- the midlife crisis, if you will.  I felt called to Kambo to genuinely work through some distinct physiological and psychological blockages that I felt were restraining me from higher potentialities. The medicine itself is really something- cleansing, potent, humbling-and you really need an ally as aware and as strong as Keidren to midwife you through such a rewarding experience.  We worked together for 3 sessions in a lunar cycle, and its no coincidence that major breakthroughs in my life occurred during that time. My health exponentially got better, my internal stories changed, and I had the clarity to make some big decisions and move forward in my life in ways I never fathomed.  I would absolutely recommend Keidren as someone who provides a safe, sacred space and unwavering support as you journey with this medicine.  Because Keidren is such a consummate professional and innately gifted as a healer, it was easy to be courageous with myself during our sessions, and I'm eternally grateful!

Nancy, 61, OR

My Kambo session welcomed me to become grounded, grow roots, and inhabit my body.  I allowed my true innate power to return, to naturally again flow and be expressed through me, and to be used with discernment.  Keidren represented a rare ability to be honest, compassionate, and fully present while holding safe and sacred space for difficult healing work.  She was calm and had a plan, she was clearly open to spirit as she navigated and supported my healing.  She seems to know when to provide encouragement and when to silently reflect my courage and strength. Keidren was clearly connected to the deep spirit of Kambo and was perfectly guided in the amount and timing of the medicine given.  Through my treatments I was able to achieve full embodiment and grounding within my whole being, which were vital for me to reclaim and embrace my life's purpose without feeling anymore resistance.  Thank you Kambo and thank you Keidren for the healing support!  

Sascha, 43, WA

After months of debilitating depression and PTSD, I sought out Keidren when a friend and regular of hers suggested I give Kambo a try.  It is difficult to put my 3 days of Kambo ceremony into words, but as I had hoped it was a very powerful and healing medicine on a variety of levels.  Relief came especially in helping to lift the 'Panema' I was experiencing, in being able to finally move through and out of my trauma, opening my heart up and learning to be more accepting and kind to myself.  I was also able to break through some personal barriers around feeling stuck and was then able to move forward with grace and towards a more clear life path and direction.  The following weeks provided me with continued introspection and therapeutic benefits.  Keidren herself is an incredibly intuitive healer and an absolute gem.  The way in which she holds space and guides you through the Kambo ceremony is so gentle and comforting yet with a strong and intentional presence that is very grounding and reassuring.  One of my favorite parts during the most intense moments of the ceremony was listening to her sing and drum beautifully.   Each time this would bring me back from a place of darkness and despair and into the return of bright loving light and positivity.  She has a deep understanding, respect and reverence for the medicine and tribes of the Amazon, which I greatly appreciated.  I will undoubtedly return to see her for future Kambo ceremonies and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking this righteous modality of medicine and healing.

Sarah, 28, WA

Keidren is a skilled and powerful healer.  She recently facilitated a Kambo journey for me and the experience was deeply transformative.  Kambo is not and easy medicine, but can be a potent ally in transformational work across all dimensions of being, if engaged with and held properly.  I came to Keidren seeking transformative healing and I was given more than I had hoped possible with one session.  I felt held, safe, and seen through the entire process from intake through integration.  She gave me a thorough initial consultation during which I felt proficiently educated on Kambo and personally engaged with to determine if this truly was the right fit for me.  She again provided ample time in person prior to beginning the treatment to continue education of what to expect and establish a trusting relationship with me.  She then called in a powerful energetic container and moved forward with meticulous care and reverence for my body, my spirit, and the medicine.  I have been seeking to heal from substantial emotional and physical trauma and it was not long before I was purging more intensely than I had in any other medicine experience prior.  She tenderly encouraged me through the entire process.  I never felt pushed to go deeper at any point, but rather a profound relief and trust as she supported the release of deep pain and toxicity at the core of my being.  For anyone seeking medicine work to support fundamental transformation, I cannot recommend Keidren more.  She is a sweet, loving, powerful soul and a gifted medicine woman.

Katherine, 33, WA

I had never received Kambo before, but as I was trying to conceive, I got an intuitive sense that this medicine would help me prepare for pregnancy.  I later heard from Keidren that Kambo is renowned for promoting fertility in women and men!  Less that 2 months after my treatment I became pregnant.  I recommend it to couples wanting to bring in new life, as it also cleanses the system, boosts immunity and lends courage.  

Qrishelle, 30, WA

Ten years in hospital beds, 5 states, and 8 different specialists could not figure out how to help me heal.  I was deemed "terminal".  Getting to know my body's creation more intimately through my own healing journey, spirit let me right to Keidren and working with Kambo.   So keenly receptive to all I've endured in the last decade with so many ailments, (Crohns, Errythema Nodosum, and Lyme) she listened to all my concerns, guiding me patiently through the ceremonies with such profound nurturing and grounding grace.  She is well in tune with the sacredness of each persons needs within the full spectrum. Kambo is such a powerful medicine that cleanses the mind, body and spirit. Four days after each ceremony I would get this burst of vibrancy, life filling me completely. In three weeks time my hormones were physically responsive.  My body stronger, revitalized, my clarity astoundingly restored! Such sacred and powerful work, I trust only to Keidren.

Ben, 30, WA

Kambo has been in my life for just a year now.  This incredible mental, spiritual, and physical cleanse always makes me feel more dedicated to the path of healthy and clean living.  I have worked with multiple Kambo facilitators all of whom I love dearly, but Keidren has a special healing gift.  She really takes the time to listen and to get a good feel for what I need for every session.  She provides a very comfortable and supportive space where I have the ability to be vulnerable while I go through my healing process.   After Kambo I feel strong, grounded, and free of the mental burdens that I no longer need to carry.  I feel incredibly blessed to have Kambo and Keidren in my life!

Leia, 22, Wa

I am so grateful for the spirit and healing of Kambo.  I feel truly free after my sessions of what no longer serves me physically, emotionally, and spiritually!   Keidren has my profound respect for the deep medicine work that she offers and in creating such a loving safe space for healing.  I highly recommend anyone who feels called to Kambo to work with Keidren, she is very knowledgeable, experienced and a beautiful light in this world!

Charlie, 31, WA

I am a person living with HIV.  Alongside living a healthy lifestyle, ARV's, exercise, balanced nutrition, I am blessed to have Kambo, the healing medicine from the frog, as a weapon to help me continue living this life.  All of these combined I am grateful to have a good CD4 in my body and the viral load maintains undetectable.

Joe, 58, WA

Keidren is an Old Soul here to help humanity "grow up".  She held impeccable safe space for me to do my work with the Frog.  She is at the right place, at the right time, doing the right work.  Synchronicity was at work for me to cross paths with her, I listened when called to her and this medicine , You were called, Wise choice, CALL HER NOW!

Kyle, 33, WA

Keidren is fantastic!  I've been back several times, including a 2X2 treatment- and plan on returning again.  I find it to be a great help during chaotic times to refocus on goals, or after traveling to help reset.  It can be a pretty rough experience, no doubt.  But Keidren is a perfect guide and will get you through it as gently as possible- she knows the medicine well and has a great sense of what your feeling and if you can be pushed further.  I'd recommend her to anyone interested in Kambo!

Micheal, 35, WA

Kambo has been a wonderful medicine for me, it cleanses, restores, and rebalances all layers of my being.  And Keidren does a wonderful job of creating a safe space with much love and care, so I can be vulnerable to do my deep work

Heather V, 40, WA

My experience working with Keidren was amazing.  As soon as I met her, I felt welcomed and I knew I was in good hands.  She thoroughly explained the process to set expectations and truly cares about making a most uncomfortable experience (the medicine), as comfortable as possible.  Keidren helped me to connect the dots between what I was experiencing in ceremony and afterward during integration.  I would absolutely work with Keidren again and recommend her to anyone who hears the Kambo "call".

Jessica, 43, WA

This was my first Kambo experience and Keidren held impeccable space; her empathic nurturing came through immediately as I stepped through the door.  For someone new to this medicine it can be a little intimidating, but Keidren's warmth and kindness automatically dispels that immediately.  Her genuine love and respect for me, every aspect of the medicine, the frog and the space she is holding is palpable.  Although the sessions were intense and I was exhausted at the conclusion of my three days of ceremony, I felt my body, mind, soul and heart to be very light and clear.  The experience was like hitting a reset button and being able to see with new eyes.  Kambo has shown me areas of my life I need to refocus my efforts on to facilitate healing at the most core levels.  This blessing of going through and emerging from the fire has brought me to a new level with what I can endure and reminded me in a very primitive way the resiliency of the human spirit.  I am beyond grateful to Keidren and Kambo and I will absolutely be returning for another ceremony when I am called again by the frog to do so!

J, 52, WA

After 4 years of Kambo treatments I now feel completely cured of Lyme.  I was diagnosed as CDC positive for Lyme in 2010 and spent the next 5 years continuously on antibiotics which left me feeling like the cure was worse than the disease.  I was unwilling to ever give up fighting my Lyme disease, but I had doubts that I would ever truly be able to say that I was cured.  In 2015 I made the decision to stop all antibiotics and switch to Kambo exclusively.  Today I feel amazing.  Kambo has helped me get my life back.  I have been waiting to tell this story, feeling great, but wanting to make sure that it was really happening and not just some temporary thing, some trick of perception.  In April of 2019, I got a full lab workup of blood tests and urinalysis (this was the first time since I stopped my abx) to see exactly where things were at with me now, and everything is perfectly back in normal range!  I am so thankful for finding Kambo.  I am so full of gratitude for this medicine and to all who are able to offer, serve and protect its proper uses as an indigenous, cultural and ecological resource.  I am thankful for the jungle ecology that sustains the Phylomedusa Bicolor frog and the Matses and Kaxinawa' people.  And I am grateful to my healers, to my LLMD for getting me through the Western protocol until I was able to find Kambo, and to my Kambo practitioners who have served me over the years, including Keidren, who is truly a gifted and exceptional healer and has been a source of inspiration to tell this story.  Kambo has been my life changer.

Sara, 34, WA

Keidren was kind and gentle as she guided me through one of the most intensely beautiful experiences of my life.  I chose to do a Kambo session for my 34th birthday after a year of intense change and personal growth.  Kambo had been calling to me for awhile and I found Keidren online.  The drive to Port Townsend from my home in Tacoma was reasonable and the space she has created is perfect to support this work.  Kambo was a life changing and memorable experience for me.  It taught me much about myself, my strength and my own power.  I was able to release a lot of old programming and trauma and was renewed after each session.  I definitely recommend doing 3 sessions within a moon cycle.  Each time the medicine worked on a different part of me physically and on another layer of my soul emotionally and spiritually.  It felt like I got a full body reboot.  Not everyone is for Kambo but Kambo is for everyone.  When you hear the inner call to work with Kambo, answer it. You'll surprise yourself.  This medicine is powerful, magical and incredibly beautiful and Keidren is an amazing steward of the spirit of the frog!  [ Sara Corbishley, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher, SonicSorceress.com ]

Medhani, 42, WA

Keidren and her practice have had very profound impacts upon my life.  In the past year I have been fortunate enough to have had multiple Kambo ceremonies with her, and it has been the most effective treatment I have undergone to address my issues.  Immediately after beginning, my life began to take a positive shift in many areas, and the physical cleansing was thorough from the very start.  I feel honored the universe has allowed this powerful medicine to enter my life and I am in awe of the work Keidren administers.  It is a privilege to have embarked upon this new journey and I am grateful to have aligned with such a powerful practice and skilled and knowledgeable practitioner!

Robin, 41, WA

Keidren's presence immediately puts your whole being at ease upon entering her well held space.  Her experience and mastery as a facilitator and emissary of Kambo medicine is felt on a deep soul level allowing for complete into the present moment of the experience.  Her voice transmissions of love, safety and thorough knowledgeable approach guide you through the layout and what to expect.  Deep wisdom moves through her being in holding and reflecting back on your thoughts, concerns and ruminations.  From first contact through integration and follow-up you feel held, seen, heard and taken care of.  I received a recommendation for this work from a dear friend and moved forward intuitively in my decision to utilize this complimentary medicine prior to embarking on an Ayahuasca medicine journey.  The effects were noticeable and immediate.  I've struggled with sinus issues, inflammation and allergies for year, despite trying numerous and varied diets.  Within and hour my entire head and sinuses were clearer than they had been in years.  The lack of pressure and and ability to breathe clearly has been wonderful.  After a couple weeks the congestion began to return, though I am curious to know if the 3 sessions she recommends for chronic conditions would support a long lasting effect.  That wasn't the only positive effect however, I also experienced enhanced vision, energy, an overall lightness of being and a lasting strengthening of spirit, body and sharpening of mind.  In addition the minor cold symptoms that had been hanging around for a few weeks had completely dissipated and did not return.  My immune system had quite obviously been given a steroid shot, ha!  I will say honestly that this was the most intense medicine experience I have had, physical purging wise.  I pronouncedly felt deep cleansing and enhancing of my entire system and will definitely return to Keidren for more treatments in the future.  Also, I found the Kambo used prior to  Ayahuasca enhanced the medicine journey in many ways and I recommend pairing these beautiful earth allies.

Marissa, 28, WA

I was very blessed to have Keidren hold space for me through my three day Kambo journey.  She is extremely kind and is a wonderful healer.  I had never experienced Kambo before, but I cannot be more thankful for the opportunity I had to heal at her place and discover this amazing medicine.  Kambo has changed so much in my life;  physically I feel the strongest I ever have and I found so much clarity and peace in my mind through surrendering to the process.  It was more powerful than I expected and will be something I always keep in mind and heart as I continue my journey of healing.  I am thankful to have stumbled upon her website and to have made the leap into the Kambo world!

John, 41, WA

I want to let you know of an invaluable medicine that I had the privilege of partaking in recently.  It is a relatively unpleasant medicine when it is administered ( what truly effective medicine isn't?) but the effects of it are beautiful and multifaceted.  In my experience it digs deep down inside and gently brings up the things that are harmful to your heart.  A broken heart, loss, sadness, trauma... it can pull these painful things forward and help you resolve them or "put them to rest" in a compassionate and powerful way.  It has been over a week now and  I can still feel the soft touch of its hands in my heart.  It is truly a beautiful gift, to be able to uncover the things unseen within you that do not serve you and to cleanse them out is difficult and sometimes unpleasant in the moment, but releasing these things from your life brings the deepest healings and allows you to move onto better paths.  If you live in the PNW and are interested in working with Kambo then I would personally recommend the services of Keidren Devas.  Keidren is a skilled and gifted medicine women and her work with Kambo was impressive and thorough.  When she opened sacred space in the ceremony I could feel the spirit of the medicine even before we began with the physical Kambo.  She is gentle and a knowledgable carrier of this medicine and one could even say that the medicine chose her to work through.  In my experience with working with Keidren, she has proven to be full of integrity, a deep soul, and very caring~ just like the medicine itself.  I am planning to have more sessions with this medicine and I am glad it has a vessel like Keidren to work through, because this secretion and Keidren have been real blessings in my life!

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